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severley lagged computer browsing and opening applications

Slow as slow can be!

Slow boot. Occasional freeze which may resolve

S-L-O-W C-O-M-P- virus?

slow computer - possible virus?

Slow Computer And Viruses - Help Please.

slow computer (spyware?)

Slow computer/virus

Slow computer for seemingly unknown reason

slow computer+ slow response time

Slow Computer (NOT Virus or Malware)

Slow Computer Issues

Slow Computer. Possible Spyware

Slow Computer Help

Slow computer.anything wrong?

Slow Computers

slow compter i possible virus

Slow computer with viruses

slow computer/virus! please help

Slow Computer and problems with startup programs

Slow Computer - Not sure what is slowing it down

Slow computer/viruses

slow comp. problems.

Slow computer - xp - too much security ? Need Help

Slow internet and desktop icons changed

Slow Computer Response

slow operatingSys

Slow pc lots of spyware found - help!

Slow computer no viruses detected

Slow PC where would you look for cause

slow runnign computer

Slow Responding Computer

Slow PC troubleshooting

slow pc possible virus

Slow running computer

Slow System Start Up Spyware Viruses And The Like

Slow Operating System for no reason!?

Slow Performance Problem

slow running cpu and some pop-ups

slow system than usually

Slow running laptop - Malware?

Slow response from computer.

slow system proformance and programs crashing

Slow Startup and slow running - downloader trojan maybe?

Slowdown due to another PC

slow system & internet startup

slow operating system

Slowwwwwwww Computer

Sluggish Computer - Can't run on-line virus scans

Slow running and other stuff.

Slowed Performance

Slower than normal computer.

sluggish computer - my log

Small business computer running slow

slowness of computer

Slowing Down of Computer and Viruses!

Sluggish system virus/malware?

Slowness due to spyware? Or something similar?

Slowwww comp hjt included

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